Comics has always been very popular among young people. If you want to learn the characters in the comics, you must first determine the movements of the cartoon characters you want to paint. Then women have special lines. Also note that the girls are soft and thousands. Don’t paint hard, it doesn’t look good.

If you draw your head, draw a rough outline, then draw the outline of the hair, and then draw the bangs. It should be noted that when you draw your head, don’t use too much force. Gently draw a rough outline. You can draw two hairs on both sides of your head. You don’t need too much. It’s just right. No matter what kind of hair style, you should pay attention to the head. Outline.

When we start painting our hands, we can make a draft first, and the draft can help you better determine the position and shape of your hand. Next, we can refine the draft. Since there are some differences between the boys’ fingers and the girls, we need to distinguish when painting.