When the flowers are made into a table flag, the tableware is already placed, and a small rose can be placed on the napkin, placed in the middle of the plate, next to a card printed with the message of the bride and groom, which reads the guest. The name is not only a refined seating card, but also a good souvenir.

For the decoration of the long dining table, you can also choose a variety of stones, spray the color, stick to the pyramid, and put it on the plate. Insert brightly colored flowers such as gerbera or roses, or let green plants such as ivy hang down from above.

In addition, attach the seat card to the stem of the fruit, or to the sliced fruit, and then place it in the center of the side dish. This fresh seat card is suitable for spring and summer weddings with white, ivory and green as the main color, and the apple that means “safe” is suitable.